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IMDT registered canine behaviourist, Dog A.I.D. Volunteer trainer


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Miriam is a registered IMDT behaviourist with years of experience in looking after and training dogs. She works part-time as a medical doctor.Currently, Miriam has taken up a role as a volunteer trainer with the charity "Dog A.I.D." and therefore she is operating on a very restricted schedule for private clients.She is based in London (UK), but also offers remote consultations via Skype. She can consult in English, Italian or French.QualificationsMiriam holds a Level 5 behaviour certification with the IMDT, and also an advanced Diploma in canine behaviour management with Compass Education.She also has three different Dunbar Academy certifications including aggression-specific training, a CIDBT certification in canine behavioural problems, and a certificate in Dog Emotion and Cognition from Duke University, and is a certified Advanced Pet First Aider.She commits to continuous professional development (CPD) by keeping up to date with new research and regularly updating and refreshing her knowledge with courses, books and webinars.ExpertiseMiriam has dealt with a range of behavioural issues and with dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages.She undertakes suitability assessments based on questionnaires and will only take on cases that she is confident she can help with, referring others to other professionals where appropriate.Commonly addressed issues include separation anxiety, leash reactivity, barking, inappropriate elimination, mild-to-moderate aggression, sound sensitivities, cognitive dysfunction, and basic puppy training / troubleshooting.Ethos & MethodsMiriam offers effective, kind, science-backed training and behavioural methodologies based on positive reinforcement and adheres to a strict code of ethics (as per IMDT code), being proudly force-free.She will never knowingly recommend or endorse the use of any techniques or tools that may harm your dog's psychological or physical well-being, and recommends you stay away from anyone who does.TestimonialsPrevious clients have given Miriam wonderful feedback for professionalism, knowledge and helpfulness, and have found her to be a genuine, caring person who is devoted to science and canine welfare.Reviews from previous clients can be found here: Google reviews

Prices & Availability

Current waiting times (updated: November 23)
Due to taking up a volunteer role as an assistance dog trainer with Dog A.I.D., there is currently limited availability for private behaviour sessions.
The current waiting times are (subject to availability):
- 1-2 weeks for remote sessions
- 2-4 weeks for in-person sessions
There are various options to choose from in terms of sessions. Generally, clients found packages particularly valuable, as they include an individualised behaviour report with tailored recommendations, exercises and a training log.
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